A Homeowners Approach to Protecting a Home from a Hurricane

Natural disasters can develop at any time, but hurricanes can at least be identified prior to hitting your location. Hurricane season is a time for planning. Because your home is one of your most valuable expenses, it’s a smart idea to do what you can to prevent the damages that hurricanes can bring to your property and to avoid any storm damage repair. There are many things to keep in mind when safeguarding your home for a hurricane. To safeguard your home from a hurricane, use the approaches listed below.

Things to Plan When a Hurricane Is En Route

  • Garage Door – Believe it or not, your garage is actually one of the more susceptible places when it comes to extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes. The explanation: most garage doors are not supported and strong winds can get into the area. When this happens, you get a positive push in the garage, and as the winds are churning above it, this creates a negative pull. A push-pull combination is created, and this can place a lot of stress on your roof and ultimately it could tear it off your garage. To combat this from taking place, the best technique is to purchase a kit that braces your garage door. Although, if time isn’t on your side to put in a garage door kit, then you can use your car to brace your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – Windows and doors are another entry-point for a storm to create chaos. Shattered windows will allow rain and wind to move through your property, and this can lead to water damage issues. When a storm is imminent, make sure you lock your windows. If you have storm shutters installed, ensure they are in good condition and locked, but if you don’t have storm shutters, you can board up your windows to keep probable damage out of your home. Additionally, remember that sticking masking tape on your windows won’t do anything to secure them. Regarding your doors, utilize the deadbolts or any other locking mechanisms to ensure they don’t pop open during strong winds.
  • Roof – Your roof is a number one defense against the elements, and that’s why it’s critical to ensure it’s ready for a hurricane. Locate any out of place shingles and fix them with reliable roofing material like roofing cement. You’ll also want irrigation for the heavy rains, so clean out your gutters so the water doesn’t accumulate on your roof. You can then check out any wires that are going into your property and seal off any vulnerable gaps to prevent water damage from happening. Finally, evaluate whether it’s crucial to attach your roof with hurricane straps.
  • Your Property – Walking around your outdoor property is another essential measure you should take. Your shrubs and trees need consideration and might require some pruning. Any loose or dead limbs can be hazardous in extreme winds and could cause excessive damage to your property. This also consists of items on your property such as patio furniture too. Transport any loose items to a safe place before the wind takes them away.
  • Car – Your car can easily be forgotten when you’re preparing your residence for a storm. But it’s a great idea to get your car ready too, so check that you have: your gas tank filled, good windshield wipers, tires with good tread and your windows sealed properly. Furthermore, be conscious of where you park your car, especially if you park on the street. Make sure your vehicle isn’t beneath any trees or in a location that’s vulnerable to flooding.

Paul Davis – Storm Damage Restoration Company

Paul Davis provides storm damage restoration and remediation services, so if your residence has been injured by a hurricane, reach out to our professional team. After all, you can only do so much preparation to combat Mother Nature. We can fix and restore your property back to normal, and we work with a range of home insurers. The expert team at Paul Davis can help you determine what’s covered with your policy. To locate a Paul Davis franchise in your area, contact us at 888-473-7669.