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High Point, NC Storm Damage Clean Up

Harsh weather is a fact of life in NC and across the South. Warm months often bring the most dangerous storms like funnel clouds, tropical storms and thunderstorms. If your house or business takes on serious storm damage, it can be difficult to know what to do next. The contractors of Paul Davis work hard to help you rebuil damage from storms on your property whenever bad conditions hit.

Affordable Storm Damage Repair in High Point

Paul Davis Emergency Services experts work locally with storm repair after inclement storms around High Point. Our team is ready all day, every day for emergency services and storm damage repair quotes. Whether the damage is major or minor, you can reach out to our bonded emergency contractors to help your property. We contribute to the insurance process and provide storm repair quotes. Paul Davis offers storm damage restoration for the following types of problems:

Tornado and Funnel Cloud Damage

Tornadoes near High Point, NC and across the Southeast can be moderate to dangerous. These strong storms can destroy trees and electricity hookups and inflict additional problems. The storm damage to your home alone may include ripped siding, broken windows, missing shingles and even entire roofs. Trees and vehicles aren’t immune in strong wind storms. Reach out to the contractors with Paul Davis Emergency Services when your property takes on wind damage.

Flood Damage

We often take water for granted because we use it so often, but water damage can be a intensely destructive natural if let loose on your property. When floods strike, water can ruin structures, drywall, carpets and create mold growth if neglected. A serious thunderstorm that generates flash flooding can leave muddy shrapnel or septic leakage in your property too. To find out more about flooding, check out our water damage page.

Tropical Storm Damage

With the most dangerous parts of strong winds and floods put together, tropical storms can be terrifying. While tropical storms vary in strength, these storms have been known to destroy buildings, uproot landscaping and move vehicles. Paul Davis Emergency Services performs quotes for hurricane damage.

Hail Damage

NC isn’t used to regular snow fall, but ice and sleet can be normal fixture of winter. Major hail storms can turn and crack surfaces on your home, leading to long-term leaks and compounding damage. Reach out to Paul Davis Emergency Services for help with hail damage.